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        Gourmet Gift Basket - Spain Edition

        Included in this gift box: Acorn fed (bellota) 100% Iberico breed pork ham 2oz 50% Ibérico breed pork Ham 2oz Acorn fed (bellota) 100% iberico loin (lomo) 2oz Iberico Chorizo 2oz Iberico Salchichon (Salami style sausage) 2oz O-MED Arbequina Finishing EVOO 250ml Tin Conservas La Brujula - Ventresca In Oil...

        USDA Organic Acorn Fed (Bellota) Iberico Chorizo by Fermín 7 oz

        The ONLY 100% ORGANIC Acorn Fed Iberico Chorizo  in the market. 2018 GOLD SOFI Awards winner at Fancy Food Show NYC!  Mild and delicate texture with all the taste from the unsmoked paprika and the meat from the acorn fed Iberico pork!

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        2x Packages - Iberico Sobrasada - Spreadable Chorizo by Fermín 5 oz

        Authentic sobrasada, an ALL NATURAL spreadable sausage made of Iberico pork and smoked mild -and a little bit of spicy- pimenton (paprika).  **PRODUCT WITH SPECIAL SHIPPING REQUIREMENTS: overnight shipping required.

        CHORIZO IBERICO 7oz - mild

        Artisanal mild chorizo, made from iberico pig and seasoned with natural spices. It is a unique product of singular juiciness and flavor. Upon slicing, the aroma creates an anticipation of heightened flavors.


        Unique product of singular juiciness (due to the meat from the iberico pork) and delicate flavor, seasoned with nutmeg, black and white pepper.