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        Secreto Ibérico de Bellota - Pork Steak by Fermín (1 Pound)

        Known as “Secreto” (secret) in Spanish, this is an absolutely delicious cut, ideal for barbeque. Its marbled fat makes it tender and juicy, with a flavor that will surprise the most discerning palate.

        Fermín Ibérico Cochinillo (Ibérico suckling pig) - raw and frozen

        These are milk fed piglets, and are not fed on anything else. The result is the most tender and delicious suckling pigs available. You may have read about how wonderful “iberico Cochinillos” are in Spain, now you can have it in your home. Each order will receive a recipe from...

        ACORN FED (Bellota) IBERICO BACON - Bacon Iberico de Bellota

        Three times Gold Sofi Award Winner as the best bacon in the US, it's so much so!  Acorn Fed (bellota) Iberico pork, smoked for 24hors and with brown sugar added.  Are you on Keto diet or just bacon lover? Dont look further: it's here!!!