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        Idiazabal Sheep's Milk Cheese ( madured and smoked ) - 7-8oz/piece.

        If you haven't tried this cheese, please, do it! This hard, artisan cheese is made near San Sebastian from 100% sheep's milk (Latxa breed of sheep, unique from that region) madured and smoked. PDO Idiazabal smoked cheese won the Super Gold medal at the 2014 World Cheese Awards. It is...

        Black Truffle / Winter truffle (Tuber Melanosporum) - 1oz/28grs aprox

        Vacuum and frozen. 1oz/28grs aprox.  **PRODUCT WITH SPECIAL SHIPPING REQUIREMENTS: Expedited shipping may be required. Truffles are one of the 4 aces of the World Gastronomy or, as many say, “the kitchen’s diamonds”. Our truffles are imported fresh from Spain and vacuum and freeze in the US for a better preservation.  It is...

        Boquerones White Anchovies in Olive Oil and Vinegar

        White anchovies in olive oil, vinegar, garlic and parsley. **PRODUCT WITH SPECIAL SHIPPING REQUIREMENTS: Expedited shipping may be required.

        2x Packages - Iberico Sobrasada - Spreadable Chorizo by Fermín 5 oz

        Authentic sobrasada, an ALL NATURAL spreadable sausage made of Iberico pork and smoked mild -and a little bit of spicy- pimenton (paprika).  **PRODUCT WITH SPECIAL SHIPPING REQUIREMENTS: Expedited shipping may be required.

        Pack Fiesta - 100% Iberian Ham (Jamon Iberico) + Manchego Cheese (available only in Florida)

        Included in this gift box: 5 plates of 100% Iberian Ham, 2.5 oz (Jamon 100% Ibérico)- hand cut at La Jamoteca 12 Months Manchego Cheese (7-8 oz) Cañas de pan feo

        2x Packages - Sheep's milk cheese with white truffle cut by hand - Queso de oveja con trufa

        Sheep’s milk cured cheese with white truffle cut by hand. From La Antigua cheese maker, Zamora, Spain. La Antigua is dedicated of making the highest quality sheep cheeses. Hand made with love and careful dedication, their cheeses have received worl-wide praise and prestige. Their cheeses are well known for: Being...

        Aged Manchego Cheese - Aged for 12 months - 7-8oz/piece

        Authentic Manchego Cheese, made from 100% Manchega Sheep's milk and aged for 12 months. Intense and kind to our palate at the same time, you can use it for pairings, for cooking...or on a charcutery or cheese board by itself! 7-8oz/piece.

        USDA Organic Acorn Fed (Bellota) Iberico Chorizo by Fermín 7 oz

        The ONLY 100% ORGANIC Acorn Fed Iberico Chorizo  in the market. 2018 GOLD SOFI Awards winner at Fancy Food Show NYC!  Mild and delicate texture with all the taste from the unsmoked paprika and the meat from the acorn fed Iberico pork!

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        Foie Gras Mousse Royale

        What a wonderful product! With 80% pure foie and all the texture of the mousse. At La Jamoteca we pair it with thin slices of Iberico ham for a cut above experience. **PRODUCT WITH SPECIAL SHIPPING REQUIREMENTS: Expedited shipping may be required.

        Picual Extra Virgin Olive Oil by OMED. 250ml/8.5oz Tin.

        From a small family run production in Sevilla. GOLD MEDAL New York International Olive Oil Competition 2013, 2015 & 2016. 100% Picual.  250ml / 8.5oz

        Ibérico Cheese - Aged for 6 moths - 7-8oz/piece

        Blend of three milks (caw, goat and sheep), it's named "Iberico" after the three animals found in the Iberian Peninsula used to make it (nothing to do with the Iberico pig!). Aged for 6 moths, it is soft, creamy and delicious! 7-8oz/piece.

        2 Packages - Spanish Yellowfin Tuna Ventresca Bellies In Olive Oil by La Brujula

        Yellowfin tuna belly also known as the best part of the tuna! This ventresca is complex, delicate and with all the taste of the extraordinary canned food!  Not cooking needed: ready to eat product.