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        2x Packages - Caviaroli Drops by Albert Adrià (Spheric olives)

        Drops are the new creation from Caviaroli, which has teamed up with Albert Adrià to bring haute cuisine to the home. Another step towards being able to enjoy one of the favourites by the chef at Barcelona gourmet tapas bar, Tickets, in the comfort of your own kitchen. It’s excitement,...

        2x Packages - Caprichos de la Pastora (Whims of the shepherdess) - Cheese with white truffle cut by hand

        Sheep’s milk cured cheese with white truffle cut by hand. From La Antigua cheese maker, Zamora, Spain. La Antigua is dedicated of making the highest quality sheep cheeses. Hand made with love and careful dedication, their cheeses have received worl-wide praise and prestige. Their cheeses are well known for: Being...

        3x Packages - Caviaroli Encapsulated extra virgin olive oil (Arbequina)

        “Taste explosion” are the words that sum up Caviaroli, a sphere of pure oil with the same texture as caviar. It explodes in the mouth, leaving unique aromas and intensity on the palate. An exciting way of enhancing any gastronomic experience. Both a classic and a pioneer: just like Picual...