La Jamoteca

La Jamoteca is a gastronomy corner where we honor jamon, considered one of the four aces of the global cousine.

We work with artisanal products, made with tradition and care. And in a simple way, with great food and equal customer service, we create an experience that makes us enjoy the Spanish products to the natural: the good ham, the good wine…the good moments.

La Jamoteca is a join venture between, a pioneer company that has been offering Iberico ham in the US for the last few years, and one of the people with more knowledge of Iberian ham in the US and third generation of a company dedicated to the Iberico pork business. Both part brought together by the passion for Iberico Ham.

La Jamoteca has a double platform, both on line and physical: our first “ham bar” is located at Dadeland Mall, in Miami, Fl. This will offer our customers a plus of trust, and will also allows us to offer services that other sites cannot offer: carving classes, hand carved ham or even baskets for those special occasion presents.

Thank you and enjoy!